Where to even begin. Happy 9th birthday beautiful. You have seriously changed my life over the past 9 years. You have made me look at the world through different eyes, and experience things in a way that I never could have imagined. Your energy is endless and honestly I struggle sometimes keeping up :) I do love how much you just want to play and connect with those you love. I have never met a soul like yours before and I feel so blessed and proud to be your mother.  

Thank you for all that you are. You amaze me daily and also drive me slightly crazy but that's why I love you. You are funny, sassy and sometimes a little too smart but you also have this incredible kind heart like when you bring an extra bottle of water for me on our outings and remind to keep hydrated. You are also sensitive like your mama, you have always felt things deeply but I think that is why I get you. I hope you know that I have got your back kiddo and admire your courage to be and feel. You can always count on me.

Our neighbour says our relationship reminds her of Pink and Willow and that warms my heart not only because Pink is one of your favorite singers but because of the connection and bond that is evident between the two of them, it really is quite special. Pink always tells Willow, 'I'm going to teach you the rules so that you'll know how and when to break them.' and I love this. Stay curious beautiful, ask the questions, and never ever be afraid to be truly you.

I know you don't want to grow old but I love seeing you grow. My darling you are seriously going to set the world on fire one day and I cannot wait to see the human you will become throughout life. Honestly I truly think whatever you put your mind to you will achieve and I will be cheering you on every step of the way.

My favorite time of the day is our morning cuddles and I love how you get excited about everything no matter how big or small, it honestly is so refreshing. You love to travel and especially love airplanes I think if you had it your way you would live on one :). You truly love the journey more than the destination sometimes 🙂 I love your sense of adventure, your thrill of experiences and excitement of surprises. Experiencing all of this through your eyes is really truly magical, so thank you for giving me that gift and so many beautiful memories.

London you are my inspiration for everything and I thank my lucky stars that I have you as a daughter. You are my greatest teacher who has taught me to love in ways I didn't know was possible and the art of truly being present with someone. You remind me to be grateful, to laugh and to be playful.

So to you sweet Lolo, my love, keep that magic within you and hold onto it tight. Continue to dance, sing and be silly. Laugh often and don't take life too seriously.

I love you to the moon and back,