CONGRATULATIONS! You're officially engaged. I remember getting engaged like it was yesterday except it was like over 10 years ago :). I was so excited and then as we started to plan began thinking to myself man there is a lot to think about. Hence this handy dandy post to help you navigate the most important things to do when you get engaged

  1. Set a budget - we ended up doing a destination wedding and admittingly weren't the best at budgeting - if I could turn back time I would have set up a more firm budget
  2. Photographer - being a photographer I know there are SO many options you have when deciding on a photographer . I would recommend getting the same photographer for both the engagement & wedding - specifically because the engagement shoot allows for both you and the photographer to get to know each other before the big day

When I chose my photographer I had to do it overseas so for me it was not only about the style of her photos but getting a feel of how personable they were via their communication. This was also the selling point for me when we recently renewed our vows.

Other things to consider when choosing a photographer - 1) what style you want your pictures to be (i.e. documentary vs posed) 2) what type of editing do you prefer 3). what is included in the package (i.e travel fees etc) 4) what is the turnaround time for when you will receive the photos and 5) primary & second shooters

On that note a little about me 🙂

My Style : candid & authentic :). I strive to create your special day through creating images of candid connection & loving natural moments

Editing: My editing includes a touch of warmth which results in a clean natural look.

Whats included in my wedding packages: travel fees up to 100km are covered & I love to travel :). sneak peeks are provided within the first 3 days of the wedding (often sooner). I am the primary photographer - I have had my husband help with second shooting a few times in the past but for the most part its just me 🙂

turnaround time : up to 6 weeks but I get really excited on editing your love story so I aim to get them to you much sooner

Shoreline Trails - Port Moody
Shoreline Trails - Port Moody
Moody Ales - Port Moody

3. Venue

Lower Mainland is home to some amazing venues - whether you want indoor, outdoor or a combination. Here are a few of my personal fav's

Old Orchard Park - Port Moody

I have had the pleasure of shooting at this location and Old Orchard is one of my favorite places to shoot. My last wedding there we explored the beautiful shoreline trails and than finished at the brewery for some of my favorite photos.

Old Orchard Hall - Port Moody
Interior of Old Orchard Hall - Port Moody
Meadow at Old Orchard Park - Port Moody

Westwood Plateau Golf & Country Club - Coquitlam

I've done a few events here and I am really keen on shooting a wedding here - some seriously beautiful views

Other places that I have had session at in lower mainland which might make for a pretty setting include Minnekhada Lodge & park and if you are looking for somewhere In Vancouver Queen Elizabeth Park is beautiful

Happy wedding planning


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