I met Helen a few months ago as she had booked a momtographer course through me. She shared her story of her son Rylan passing and wanting to capture him in some photos with her family.

I had seen this done in photos prior but had never done it or had the request before. She left it in my hands in terms of the creative vision. I was truly touched that Helen had the trust in me to capture these for her.

I really wanted to include Rylan in a photo with his siblings - I had this vision of him looking out and over him. I just think there is something so powerful and loving about that thought

I also wanted to include him in a family photo. I really loved the idea of him walking alongside with his family while holding his dads hand.

I truly feel photography is not only a way to share someones story but also to remember like Helen has done for a few years in family photos. I think this is such a beautiful way to show our children stay with us - no matter how long we have them

Thank you Helen and your beautiful family for choosing me to capture these photos for you and for sharing your story with me

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