June 1st marked my very first session back since March - nearly 3 months without capturing others in front of my lens. 2020 you certainly have been a year

I was extremely nervous for this session - being off for so long - I just felt like it was my first day of school - but the moment it started all the nerves washed away and a huge sense of excitement was all I could feel. I missed capturing magic and moments like this session - I missed the connection and stories - I missed the love and emotion - I missed it all

It definitely helped that my first session back was with my dear friend and her growing family. According to a recent Facebook memory we became friends nearly 9 years ago - crazy how that time has flown by - she's one of a kind folks - someone I look up to - an amazing mother to her beautiful girl, an awesome friend and just a genuine good person who I feel blessed to have apart of my life.

There was something symbolic about my first session back being a maternity session - the idea of a new beginning in so many shapes and forms. Documenting growth of family and all the emotions that go along that journey - I really couldn't ask for a better way to begin capturing sessions again.

A few days later after this session took place this beautiful family welcomed their baby boy - congrats to you all xo

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