For the longest time I felt like I had to chose a niche when it came to the world of photography and this never set well with me. I have struggled with this for so long as I didn't know as a photographer where I fit. I compared myself constantly to other photographers and felt like I had to make a chose in terms of what area I focused on. Here's the thing though I don't really truly specialize in one area of photography. In fact my story of photography started in the genre of food and travel. What I have realized and accepted over the past year with the help of others is that this is ok.

Let's face it, your story doesn't end when you get married or even when you have a child. Your story continues in so many ways whether that be personal or professional.

This is what I have enjoyed over the years in the world of photography. I have had the absolute pleasure and honour of being apart of so many amazing individuals stories. From capturing their engagement, to shooting their marriage, to documenting their maternity session and photographing their growing family. Whether it be for their family or even creating professional photos I help tell all the chapters of your story and I think that is really freaking cool :).

So if I had to pick a niche I am life story photographer who wants to document all the moments that make up your story and journey.

Here is one family I have had the pleasure of capturing from their engagement session to their growing family :). Thank you Aggie & Curtis for letting me walk alongside you and document your beautiful moments as a family.

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