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I recently came across a photographers blog and immediately fell in love with her concept.  Her style is documentary and she believes in creating photos that strongly trigger a memory or evoke a feeling deep inside.  She encourages photographers to not neglect documenting history in the making.

I think the reason why this resonated so much with me is I feel that this is exactly what I try to do with my images, I try to capture a moment, tell a story and provide memories that can be treasured forever.  I have been told recently by a client that they can feel the emotion through the pictures I take.  To me that is the biggest compliment I could ever receive and something I continue to strive for in any of my sessions.

Going through her photos got me thinking more about my style and I feel lifestyle/documentary fits with my passion and vision.  It excites me to feel like I am starting to find my way and my niche.  You can find her website here

I am in awe of her photos and totally inspired and as a result  I have been documenting my little one’s milestones and thought I would share a few with you 🙂

I encourage you to shoot from your heart, and to understand the ‘why’ behind each click of the shutter.


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