During the months of being off from capturing sessions due to Covid-19 I decided to participate in an initiative by Pemberton photographer Anastasia Chomlack . The idea was that every time a local bought a gift certificate for a photo session, she would gift one to an essential worker (all to be redeemed after self-isolation rules were lifted)

Mel and her incredible family were one of the recipients of a free session. Mel's husband is a firefighter and when I found out this my heart burst. My little family and I had been doing the nightly 7 p.m. cheers, pot banging, and applause for the community's essential workers as well as attending the local parade every Friday night to cheer on the essential workers, the firetrucks were my daughters favourite

I feel like this was one small way that I could give back to my community and to show my gratitude for those who are and were risking their own health so that I could be safe at home with my family. Thank you to Mel and her incredible family for a fun evening 🙂

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