Before you were born I thought I knew what love was.

week 36x6

but after nearly 31 hours of labour and laying eyes on you for the first time I realized this thing called love was completely different thanI had ever experienced or ever knew was possible.  A love completely unmeasured and at times overwhelming.  That night  I should have been exhausted, but I wasn’t, I should have rested, but I couldn’t, instead all my focus was on wanting to see you, be around you, adore you and simple just look at you and love you.

You arrived at 9:55pm on August 16th  via what our obstratrician so affectionately called the ‘sun roof’ aka c-section.  As I was whisked away to recovery your amazing dad spent the first hour with you ‘skin to skin’  taking photo after adoring photo and even making a video so that I could feel apart of those first special moments together.  I will never forget being wheeled in and seeing the amazing bond you two had already developed

dad & daughter

Holding you for the first time,  our eyes meeting, I fell in love immediately.  I remember  just wanting to watch you all night and take in every little detail possible.  It was the most surreal night of my life.

tl collage


Going into that night I was scared, nervous, excited and eager.  Things didn’t go exactly as planned and things at times kind of felt out of control but when I met you everything felt right in the world.  The only plan I should have had was that…meeting you.

They say you will forget the pain, the long hours and everything that happens in labour, well I haven’t, and I am glad I haven’t as it brought me to you.

I thank you baby girl for bearing with me as I learn the in’s and out’s of this crazy experience they call parenting.

I love you sweet London






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