Goal Setting

Been thinking a lot about goals in relation to my photography career, personal life and health.   Keir and I actually started a new tradition at the end of the year last year called “new years resolution retreat’  which focused on all 3 areas of our lives.   Writing these goals excites me and I feel that it is so important as that is what will inspire me everyday to work towards them.  I am excited to say I have achieved quite a few of my  1 year goals.  Now its my hope if I share my career goals through my blog  more people that read my goals hopefully means the more people that can support me in achieving them in one way or another.

Enjoy 🙂


My 1 year goal

I  make a career out of photography by creating memorable brand images for a reputable organization

I  successfully shoot a major campaign

I get business cards   completed April 2012

I start blogging     completed January 2012

I  redesign tlmacdonald.com started May 2012

I take a photography workshop Completed June 2012

My 5 year goal

I  teach a photography workshop

I  have my own exhibition in a gallery

I get published

My 10 year goal

I  own my own photography business

I take a travel photography adventure to Africa

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