• A great cup of coffee, a good book and chocolate is some of my favourite things
  • I have traveled all over the world, stayed in a castle in Ireland,ate Kangaroo in Australia, attended a luau in Hawaii,  and sipped on sangria in Barcelona.
  • Travel was where my love of photography started and grew
  • I have a little girl named London
  • I love cookie dough ice cream, sunny days and ocean breezes.
AND A LITTLE MORE ABOUT ME My love for photography started in Australia where my camera allowed me to become comfortable with my surroundings and thus opened up an unexplored world of new beginnings, new chances, new relationships and new stories for me. This has continued when I moved back to Canada where new opportunities and experiences have come my way. I have a background in infant development, child psychotherapy, and family support but photography is my passion.I love seeing the world through the lens and feel blessed to have seen so much beauty. It is my hope that my pictures will take others to places they have dreamed of or simply allow them to stop to truly appreciate the beauty in their own backyard.  Through my images I strive to capture the beauty of a moment, convey emotion and tell a story.