Dear London,

I came across this post that said 'You are not stuck at home. You are safe at home.' it has helped me a lot to change my mindset and just enjoy the time we get to have as a family. We have slowed down a lot, things are a lot simpler, we are actually a lot more organized but its tough

I try to be as positive and creative as possible but I am not going to lie I keep thinking to myself this can't be real - I feel like we wake up and it's Groundhog Day every day - I worry a lot ALOT but I look at you and realize quickly that is not going to help you or me so I have taken up morning mediation again, I'm getting lost in editing photos from past trips and I am writing more (hence these posts) all of it is helping to normalize things a bit or at least bring the anxiety down. I am also finding myself having to think more creatively in terms of how I offer photography services and that is starting to motivate and inspire me.

We started school online last week and to be honest I am loving it - its helping me to distract and distance myself from the negative that is posted all over my social media feeds. Routine, creativity and fun has been key for us. Your daddy and others always said I would make a good teacher so thanks to social isolation I am giving it a go. We have stuck to school routines - we do morning announcements (share good news), show and tell with the neighbours, story time with celebrities, numbers and literacy. For library days we get ebooks from tumble books. We make our lunch in the morning and get dressed and I am actually really amazed at how quickly you pick things up. you are one smart cookie and I am so incredible proud of you. Our teacher asked us to start a gratitude journal - you said you are thankful for being at home and for your mom being your teacher - melted my heart :)

Your emotions are high and understandably so. You require a lot of snuggles and will ask for a big hug which is usually when you are feeling worried or unsure about something. Your dad is an essential worker and I think you have found it tough to watch him leave for work - I think you worry and are processing this alot.

Your happiest moments are the simplest- you have loved exploring little unknown spots right in our local neighbourhood - it is really kind of awesome - we have found a quiet road to practice your bike riding, an old run down field to play soccer, a little creek to splash about and a quiet forest and trail to explore. We spend endless time jumping on the trampoline - or should I say you and your dad spend endless time jumping on the trampoline :) it is nice to hear both of your giggles :)

Your bedtime has gotten later as 7pm banging pots and pans for all of our frontline responders has become your favourite part of the day and secretly mine as it allows us to feel connected to our neighbours.

This is our new norm and you have for the most part adjusted so well - you really are amazing

Love you