7 sweet years of celebrating you. I love you and all of you. I love your love of country music :) and how you are a sensitive soul. You definitely wear your heart on your sleeve like your mama and feel every emotion whole heartedly. This last year has been tough but we got through it with lots of cuddles and chats :). Gosh I love our chats and love even more how much you still love to cuddle :). I know there will come a day in the not so distant future where you won't want to cuddle anymore or as much but please know monkey my arms are always wide open for you.

I am extremely proud of you in terms of how you are trying so hard to make sense of each and every emotion you are feeling. I know it isn't easy. There has been so much anxiety and unknown in the world but you are learning and growing every day :)

You said to me the other day you don't want to grow up, in fact you said when I do your 13 year old birthday photos that you will frown in each one. Secretly I don't want you to grow older either as I feel like it is happening way to fast but I am also excited for the what the future has in store for you. I truly believe you can do anything you put your mind to and you have already proven that to me time after time again.

You my little love are an endless ball of energy. You love new experiences and adventures and fear is not even in option. I dig that about you. You also have this amazing way of engaging people and making friends. My introverted self envy's that about you big time as it just comes so naturally to you. I am in awe that you haven't allowed the past few years of bizarre social interactions affect you, if anything it has helped you grow and appreciate your friendships and connections even more.

You love traditions - like adore them 🙂 I know you get that from me as well as traditions have always meant so much to me and it has been all kinds of awesome creating so many new ones with you.

You are also one of the strongest girls I know. Brave and resilient. Continue to show lots of love for yourself and others.

7 years ago my entire world changed and you made me whole. I cannot even comprehend at times how fast it has gone by. Thank you for giving me the past 7 years of happiness, love and growth. You are one of kind and I am so lucky 🙂

Happy Birthday,

Love you to the moon and back