Sweet baby to be: In five weeks (perhaps sooner, hopefully not too much later :) ) you will arrive in the world. You are special, I know this now, and I haven't even met you. You have been part of me for 35 weeks. We've shared the same air, the same food, the same everything, including my love of travel, music and challenges but you have been up for it all :) We are ready to meet you and look forward to the next chapter of our life :)

Week 12: Capturing the various emotions when we told family about you was so fun!!!

Weeks 15-18: Your first trip of many to Australia, home of your daddy 🙂

Week 21: The time came when we got to find out if you were a boy or a girl

Week 24 and you continue to grow

Weeks 29-30 we travelled to Vegas for a very special wedding and a mini baby moon

Week 33: the beginning of summer and many traditions including outdoor festivals and the Boom Booms. You even had a little dance at the Vancouver Arts Gallery fountain

Week 34 another tradition that your dad and I have been apart of for the past 3 years. A little 7KM walk, dressed in our best for a great cause 🙂

week 35 – and we await your arrival