I had a moment the other day, my first moment of realization with you of how fast time flies by. I looked at you and realized wow you are about to turn 12 months old, when did that happen? How can I put into words what this year has meant to me, or what it means to be your mom? These past 12 months have seriously been the most amazing, exhausting, rewarding  and challenging times of my life. I love our moments and experiences. I love your energy and your cheekiness which just oozes sweetness. Although I look forward to the time you sleep throughout the night, I know I will miss those nighttime cuddles. One year with you and I can't remember a life without you. You have grown so much, changed so much and changed us so much. You make our life complete and we are so grateful you chose us as your parents. Happy first birthday beautiful girl we love you so very much.