My little love you are not so little anymore but to me you will be FOUR ever YOUNG. You have reminded me this year through your actions to enjoy the simplest most beautiful things:

  • you have the cutest ability to bring everyone together through your kumbaya ways – you are able to connect people through the most sweetest, gentle attitude & approach, it truly is special and amazing and I hope you don’t ever lose that – we live in a crazy world full of conflict and disconnectedness so believe me when I say the world needs more of your kumbaya ways – I recently learned that the power to change starts within and you do that so beautifully
  • the fact that you say you want to be a ‘ambulance person’ when you grow up seriously doesn’t surprise me as you love to help people and care about people in such a warm and kind way – you have taught me that the littlest gestures (like ensuring everyone is holding hands while dancing at a concert :)) can have a huge impact – continue to practice kindness love
  • your sweet kisses on my cheek as you sneak into our bed – stay as sweet as you are darling, your kindness and affection are beautiful and I truly love our lazy mornings as it reminds to slow down and cherish life
  • family cuddles – it is so easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of life but when you reach out for a family cuddle with mom and dad I am reminded to slow down and be present and stay connected with what truly matters
  • our crazy dance parties to movie credits (my favorite tradition so far and by far some of my favorite memories) remind me to dance like no once is watching and really enjoy getting lost in moments with you
  • I love your love of the outdoors, water and the beach – some of my favorite moments have been sitting for periods of time with you watch ferry boats go by or driftwood come closer – i love that you are a little beachcomber – and how much you get lost in nature – warms my heart – this reminds to keep our life full of adventure and experiences
  • your love of art – watching you create your own world via drawings and paintings has been inspiring – you are so creative and get so excited with what you come up with – it brings me back to my days of drawing and how much creating something lit me up and I think is why I am so passionate about photography

I am so proud of who you are becoming and have loved watching you grow, discover and learn. Follow your joy my little love, practice your passions, and do what makes your soul dance. I promise to do the same

Draw, sketch, paint all of the beauty, do all of the creating, care for others, the world. Be you. Stay as sweet as you are and remember the universe has your back and so do I 🙂

Love you to the moon and back,

Mom xo