Dear Lolo,

I had the most brilliant day with you as we celebrated your last day as a four year old. I have been a bit emotional about you turning five - it just feels like a big milestone for both you & I but today was a day for the memory books and it kind of summed up all of my favorite things about you.

You have this wild side with a touch of cheeky which keeps me on my toes but also this sweet soft and tender side that just melts my heart

You are completely content to sit and observe the sea planes land and chat but are also eagerly as excited to run and jump. I love your ying and yang 🙂

You dance and don't care who is watching, your smile lights up a room and makes others smile. You are such a curious soul and yet such an observer

You are fiercely independent and one of the biggest negotiators I have ever met (you get that from your daddy) but you are not like him or like me you are perfectly you.

You taught me this year to leap and as a result I reevaluated my career path and questioned what I wanted to do over the long term. I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to have spent this summer with you while pursuing a career in photography.

A birthday of 5 feels so very big - its the end of preschool days and the start of kindergarten which I know you are excited about and have been talking about since you turned 4 🙂 , you get dressed all by yourself - pretty much love to do everything on your own - you are feeling less like my baby and more like my girl.

Some of my favourite moments this year are the simpliest including our chats about the most random amazing things while we watch driftwood come towards the neighbours boat or singing as loud as we can to 'our songs' but I also love our firsts - the first helicopter ride that I got to share with you or how much you loved learning how to sail. I loved that you were able to be apart of your daddy and mommy's vow renewals - something that I will cherish forever

I have a feeling the next year ahead is going to be a good one - my wish is a year full of fun, adventure, and giggles

You told me for this letter to end it with I will love you always and forever and to the moon and back and darling you are right my little (not so little) love I will always and forever to the moon and back love you

Happy birthday my beautiful girl, thank you for making me a mama

Love Mom xo