It's been awhile since I wrote you and I figured that given what is happening in the world I wanted to document this time for you as much as possible - I'm sure I will be updating this more and more as the weeks go by

Your 5th year has been kind of crazy from being in Australia in the midst of the bush fires to now experiencing this thing called the Coronavirus. Through it all you maintain this resilience and go with the flow attitude (you definitely get that from your daddy)

You are very happy being at home in what I affectionately (in my own head) call the bubble. We spend a majority of our time in the backyard and are largely lead by any creative out there idea you might have including being my coach and putting me through an exercise routine like no other 🙂

We have tried to establish some sort of routine which I think has helped you feel more control over a very unsettling situation as well as help create as much normalcy as possible

You talk about your friends constantly so I can tell you miss them so as a result we have started an email pen pal with some of your friends from school and are looking at the possibility of doing some virtual playdates 🙂

You loved running club at school so we are taking you to the local track so that you can continue doing it. We are going to keep track of the KMs and create ribbons for you to collect just like school - you are so cute and excited and completed 3km today 🙂

You have been such a big help, you mop the floor, clean the door handles, make your bed and the list goes on. We give you money and allow you to chose one thing at the end of the week to order online. You also help with the online grocery shopping order and get so excited about that as the grocery shopping was something you loved to do with daddy and missed

you haven't quite got used to the idea of quiet time (i.e. mom do a little work time) but are trying really hard and I thank you for that even if it results in a sleeve of temporary tattoos 🙂 The other day you did call out to me to say you were doing actual quiet time and that you loved me - you certainly know how to melt my heart. To adjust and be as present with you as possible I am trying to get up before you and before daddy has to go to work to get some work done - which seems to have worked out.

You ask for hugs ALOT more and I can tell it's when your feeling unsure. You never want us to leave your side and I get it as I couldn't imagine what it would be like to be 5 and trying to make sense of why you didn't get to go someones birthday party, or why we aren't playing at the park or why we aren't going for playdates or even why you can't hug the neighbours who are like family. You have had a lot of questions and have explored through play a lot of your worries. It's a weird world we are living in and you are busy trying to make sense of it all. My love you are doing such an amazing job at that, way better than me.

The neighbours and I hung up the Christmas lights today and you thought that was pretty funny (and maybe a little weird you might have used the word weird a lot of times) but we strung a set to hang between our two balconies as a symbolic way to stay connected. We also started painting and hanging hearts in our local community as a thank you to all the medical professionals helping so many during the coronavirus as well as all those who continue to provide essential services (like your daddy and your favourite neighbour), also a heart hunt for families to get out and explore.

You tell me you love being home and getting to spend so much time with me and daddy and secretly I have loved it too. I am such a home body and I am not going to lie the outside world seems scary at the moment but I am grateful we have each other

We got this babe xo

Love Mom