I've been doing alot of thinking about photography and the direction I would like to go in 2024. I want to do more documentary, more storytelling, more real life moments, real emotions - big, small & authentic, more day to day, more play.

I think it is very easy to get lost in the photography world and can be quite exhausting keeping up with all the trends and what you should do. Don't get me wrong I love shooting golden hour but there is something I love about doing a sessions in a families home. Some of my absolute favorite sessions were in a families home last year centered around what they enjoyed doing as a family or a couple. Capturing families baking together, dancing, reading or having a dance party was so fun to document. Document couples playing music together, doing pottery or ballroom dancing lit my soul on fire.

So to start 2024 off I am going to be offering what I call 'cozy sessions' for the months of January, February and March. They will be more documentary, lifestyle and storytelling in nature and focused on what you enjoy doing as a family or as a couple - maybe its listening to dad play the guitar, having a tea party with mom, baking, doing art, reading, family dance party - bring me your vision and let's tell your story.

Until the end of December I will be offering a full cozy session 2024 bookings for the price of my 2023 mini session. Message me if you are interested but for now enjoy this recent lifestyle newborn session.