Every year for my little love’s birthday we head down to our favorite secret beach and take her birthday photos with fun balloons. The pictures are than used to write her a letter. This letter is usually based on the last year, memories and moments, things I learnt along the way etc. This year I wanted to do something a little bit different, I wanted to write her a letter as if it was a year from this date so really her 4th birthday

Lolo or others for that matter might be thinking have you completely lost your mind, why in the world are you writing as if she is 4 when she is only 3. The answer to that is quite simply, YES!! in the best way possible I have lost my mind. Let me explain, I learnt recently that I need to start listening more with my heart and less with my mind, as for the longest time I have given all my power to the mind. Every thought, hesitance, fear, insecurity was a thought that I gave the power to. So lately I have tried to love those thoughts more in order to stop being in an arguement of what is and let them go, therefore focusing more on the heart. SO yes I have lost my mind so that I can focus on my heart a little bit more and its been kind of awesome :).

Apart of that process is to envision the future as it’s already happened out loud (this is called Kylego by a transformation comedian called Kyle Cease). As a result of doing this you allow your thinking or your mind to really picture this as something that has already happened and therefore store it as a past event and see it as fact. Thus the mind will want to close the loop of how it got there, by starting to create more and as a result start to forget about all the doubt etc. So basically by saying out loud what the next year will be I am actually laying the foundation to make it happen, which I think is pretty cool.

So my gift to you, my beautiful little Lolo is this, a reflection of what the next year will be, all the things we will do, experience and feel 🙂 Happy 4th birthday my love.

It has been a year full of sweet experiences, awesome moments and cherished memories my little love. 

You have experienced the thrill of snowboarding for the first time, traveled to Australia, rode a bike without training wheels and have experienced old and new friendships at preschool. 

You have felt and been surrounded by love and laughter everyday. We have felt connected to each other more by becoming more present through spending less time on social media and more time with each other. Family cuddles is a must xo and our random dance parties never go out of style.

Family time has been so important we have loved our game nights, movie nights and pool parties with the neighbours. It the littlest, simplest things we love the most.  

We have enjoyed a healthy lifestyle and healthy food and have included you in the family dinners including cooking. 

We have loved our family walks and bike rides, we love being outdoors. and have visited the beach on a regular basis. The beach is our happy place. 

We have learnt to crave experiences and adventures not things. Declutter has been our mission this year. Seeing and experiencing new places has become our new favorite past time.

We love traditions and have added a few more to our repertoire including apple picking in the fall and picking our own christmas tree.

You have seen your dad complete his first tri-atholon and his first half iron man. You were his biggest cheerleader. He is more freer than he has felt in a long time, stresses less and is really making a difference in his work. He has found balance.

Your mama has mediated on a daily basis. She has been more creative and energetic. She has made photography more of a consistent part of her life. She had her first image published in a magazine, started teaching and even brought you your own camera so that you can learn. She has travelled to places that she has dreamed of, doing what she loves. She has found a way to impact people through her passion. She has felt more confident than she has in a long time. 

This year you have experienced many moments of big love and giving back. We became volunteer walkers for puppies and you loved it as did mommy.

I love you sweet girl, your smile lights up my world, your laugh melts my heart and your incredible energy, personality and kind hearted soul make me the proudest mama EVER! It has been the best year yet!!!