So I did it, I have taken the leap.  A few weeks ago I made the decision to step away from my  part time job in the field of Infant Development.  A job that has meant a great deal to me and has largely been apart of my life in some shape or form for the last 8 years.  crazy right?  I'm still processing and I'm not going to lie I'm a bag full of mixed emotions but on the top of that bag of emotions is excitement. 

For the past few years photography happened when it could, which was usually on evenings and weekends and the last year for various reasons it very rarely did.  Therefore, my story of making this decision is quite simple the struggle of juggling all things I love became real and I quickly realized no matter how hard I worked or gave in any particular area it just wasn't going to feel like enough and that just didn't sit well with me.  

Photography has always been a huge part of my life and I truly believe in its power to be able to tell stories.  I am really excited to put all of my focus into it, something I have always wanted to do but for whatever reason was scared to do so.   What I have quickly realized is that it is always going to be scary to walk away from comfort and stability, its risky but I truly believe the biggest risk is not taking a risk at all. I am ready  to challenge myself creatively and I'm ready to give it my all.  I am all in!!

There are alot of changes I have been working on and a lot of things happening to help prepare me for the transition and so I wanted to give you a bit of an update as its been awhile since I have wrote a post

One of these is I have decided not to do shoots in my home anymore -  I want to separate my personal space and in all honesty I like meeting and shooting  clients in their home or in the great outdoors surrounded by natures beauty - its real, authentic and way more natural this way.

I'm going to start to sell my travel/nature prints at a local shop in Port Moody - something I envisioned doing for some time -  I'm hoping to announce this over the next couple of weeks so stay tuned 🙂 

I have also been fortunate enough to become a sponsor photographer for the TCMG facebook group and so I am excited to focus on offering sessions and meeting those in my community -  I am also hoping to collaborate more with other professionals in the community 

Over the next little while I will be offering a variety of mini sessions (family, mothers day, sunset sessions) 

As you can see lots happening and lots on the horizon 🙂

 I want to thank everyone who has supported me to get me to the point of where I am today.

I am so excited to see what the future has in store and I look forward to capturing and sharing your stories over the next little while

Thanks everyone,


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