I was recently reminded about a vision or an idea I had back in my Uni days and realized through the craziness of life that I lost the dream a little.

The idea of TLC started with my love of Patch Adams – I wanted to find a way to use play & creativity to incorporate change and that resulted in a vision I had shared amongst others a little thing called TLC. I had a dream of opening up my own centre or services one day – I wanted to offer TLC (tender loving care) for families & children that needed the most. My dream was and is to offer this through creativity – play, art, music – all the things that bring me joy or have brought me joy in the past

Although I believe TLC has always been at the core of anything I do whether that be parenting, leading or creating, I think I forgot ‘why’

When I think about photography it plays a big role in the dream and when I think about TLC it makes sense to me why I was drawn to the world of photography so much. Having a creative means to tell a story, express emotion or simple to take a break from the hustle and bustle of life, for me personally has had a huge impact. As it has allowed me to become comfortable in a place where I was feeling lost, it opened up opportunities and experiences I never would have thought of and it has provided a sense of calm in sometimes a world full of chaos.

However, through all of that I feel like I lost a little bit of the TLC in my photography- I started losing the ‘why’ I loved it so much – I started doing more instead of creating

As a result I have been doing a lot of thinking about photography and the changes I would like to make with my style and focus. So be prepared :). I am starting with rebranding a little – I want to incorporate the concepts of TLC in my style – my logo, website, social media etc

I want my clients to have fun in the sessions – some of my favourite photos that I captured for families, children or others are the candid, playful ones – I have been looking at ways to do this more and I am excited to bring more play, creativity and fun into the sessions I offer. I want my clients to connect and forget about the camera – and the images to be filled in return with naturalness, real expressions and genuine emotion

so from now on expect some TLC 🙂

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