2020 eh - what a year - a year of up's and downs - a year of challenges and creativeness - a year unlike any I have ever professionally or personally experienced in my life.

here are some of my favourite moments from each month of the first year

January : Australia Trip

We started the New Year in Australia visiting family and friends. Although it was probably one of the hardest trips we had due to the bushfires - we had a lot of moments and memories created that we will cherish.

February : a little bit of everything

February is generally a slower month but it ended up being a bit of a busy month - I captured extended family sessions, baby bumps and family sessions - just a bit of a tip my sessions in January and February are usually discounted 🙂

March : My first elopement of 2020

and it ended up being my last for awhile due to COVID - this was literally a week before everything shutdown

My love for intimate events started from this beautiful elopement at Stanley Park

April - when the world shut down more and more

First it was the schools that shut down, followed by the playgrounds and than the parks. My daughter thrives on routine and everything was thrown out of whack, my anxiety and her anxiety sky rocketed but together we tried to make sense of the strange world 2020 had become. Lots of time spent visiting a local creek which became our little oasis and lots of time staying connected creatively to our loved ones despite being apart. We did alot of creative 'field trips' from the car which helped break up the time a bit

I also did alot of writing during this time you can check out some of my posts here

May - lots of exploring outdoors

with restrictions easing I made the decision to open up bookings starting June 1st so May was location scouting with my little assistant - I wanted to find quieter locations for my families

Another professional highlight and personal highlight for me this month was that I was named as one of Vancouver Mom's top 30 bloggers - you can see more here

June- the world started to slowly open up again

and I went from zero to 60 really fast - I had 30+ sessions to be rescheduled due to cancellations and as soon as I opened up again bookings came in quick

Here are a few highlights of a very busy first month back

July - Backyard Weddings

They definitely became a thing this year - I loved the intimacy of capturing a love story in what became a lot of peoples safe place in the summer

to be continued.........

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