Week 7 of the 52 week photo challenge – Images at Night

February 13, 2013

My apologies for the late post the long weekend in BC got the best of me so it looks like I will be joining you this week in the challenge in posting my photo at later time.   This weeks theme is ‘ a night picture’

My plan for this weeks theme is to capture the new Port Mann Bridge at night.  I have been wanting to take a photo of the Port Mann Bridge since Carol A. Hadikin took a photo of it in the 2nd week for the leading lines theme.

Here is my photo for this week:

Port Mann Bridge in Coquitlam, BC, Canada

Here are some helpful tips for capturing great night imagestripod – if you have VR (vibration reduction) make sure you turn it off when you are using your tripod.  Using a tripod or a sturdy surface will help produce sharper images

  • ~ I often take most of my photos with the self timer to allow for less camera shake and have recently learnt about setting the mirror lock-up.  Mirror lock up is another important setting which prevents vibrations that may blur the picture
  • ~ shoot in RAW – I always shoot in RAW as it gives more opportunity to change things later on when you are editing such as white balance or temperature
  • ~ How to get a ‘starburst’ effect on street lights
    Using a narrow aperture (around f/16) will not only ensure a deeper depth of field, so your shots are sharp from foreground to background, but will also make street lights ‘sparkle’ in your scenes to give your pictures an added magical effect
  • ~ turn off the flash
  • ~ Shutter speeds that are likely to yield the best results: 1/15, 1/8, 1/4
  • ~ bulb settings – Shoot in Bulb mode . This feature gives you the greatest flexibility possible for night photography. Bulb mode allows you to expose for any given period of time, whether it be 2 seconds, 2 minutes, or 2 hours. Aperture and ISO are pre-set, but the shutter speed is determined by you. This can be tricky, but with some practice, it will come natural. The best way to learn is to experiment. To shoot in Bulb mode, you will usually need a remote trigger.
  • ~ play with your ISO – Whenever possible, shoot at your camera’s lowest ISO setting. This will give you the cleanest image with the least amount of noise. If you camera limits exposure time, it may be necessary to increase the ISO value to capture enough light. The resulting images will have more noise, but that is the price one must pay

Below is a couple of images I have shot of night images in the past


Happy Shooting 🙂

~T.L. Macdonald

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