Week 2’s theme of ‘leading lines’ proved to be a popular theme as we had a lot of new people join in the challenge.  Very creative images of leading lines from all over the world. Check them out!

We also had a couple of late additions to week 1’s theme of ’52 steps from the front door’


By John Anderson                                                                        By Amy Wanklin

Week 3 of the 52 Week Photo Challenge:

My husband challenged me this week for the 52 week photo challenge, in his words he wanted “a panoramic image of one of my photographs to go over the couch in our new home’  so thanks to my husband week 3 of the 52 week photo challenge is ‘panoramic’

There are many ways to do a panoramic, I did mine this week with the help of the hubby using the iphone 5 panoramic feature, it probably is one of my favourite features on the iPhone.  This photo was taken at Big White Ski resort in BC.

However, I am still keen to get out there this week and shoot a panoramic on my SLR camera.  There is some really handy instructions on how to do this here

Another way you can create a panoramic image is to crop a photo you have taken to get panoramic proportions, this is what I did with the photo I took of the Lions Gate Bridge below.  This photo was taken last year but I have wanted to make it a panoramic for awhile and was told that I would need to fix the proportions to do this.  The proportions I used now in this photo is 10×24

On a complete side note if you are wanting to print some of your panoramic photos London Drugs does some at a pretty good cost.  I just printed the image below to put above our bed and it came out great.  It was a 12×36 print and cost approximately $25.00

Happy shooting!!!



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