I am very far behind my weekly challenges but wanted to keep posting them as I am enjoying everyone’s take on them.

This weeks challenge is movement, some tips and ideas include the following:

~ use shutter speed – for objects or things that move fast you want to use something around 1/1000th.  The faster the shutter speed, the sharper the focus on your subject  or use a slow shutter speed to capture motion blur

~ 1/1000 – perhaps to freeze helicopter blades

~ 1/500 is a good rule of a thumb as a good starting point for stopping motion that is fairly fast

~ 1/250 stop the movement of a bike

~  Extremely slow shutter speeds—20 or seconds for example—can make moving subjects seem to disappear. A good example of this is shooting a roadway at night from a tripod.

~ panning – move your camera with your subject

~ use your continuous shooting mode

date:  finally had a chance to capture the photo for this week’s theme.  It was taken at Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver, B.C. Canada.  The settings for this waterfall picture was shutter speed 1/2 f: 22 ISO 200.  I used a ND filter as well as a tripod.

Happy shooting!!!!!


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