Take a look at the fan photos for week 14’s theme of ‘signs of the season’

Week 15’s theme was suggested awhile ago by Luke Di Paola and is ‘Clouds’.  Carol A. Hadikin forwarded me some great information and tips for shooting clouds which can be found at the following link

To summarize:

~ importance of using filters if you have some.  I have a polarising filter on my lens that serves 2 purposes; 1. protection and 2. it helps with contrast and bringing out detail and for this theme the detail in the clouds

~ composition – rule of thirds If you want your sky to be the main focus of them image then try to compose it so that it takes up the top two thirds of the frame. This will put the focus of the composition firmly on the clouds. You would usually do this if the clouds were very dramatic when you’re shooting. A brewing storm, a large repeated pattern of clouds – something interesting about the clouds themselves.

If you want the clouds to enhance an existing landscape as the background, then you are going to want only the top one third of the shot to be sky. This puts the focus on the landscape first and the clouds second.

~ depending on what time of day you decide to shoot (i.e. if you decide to shoot in the golden hour) you might need to use a tripod

My plan for this week’s them is one of two thoughts.  I have wanted to capture a lightening photo for as long as I can remember so I’m aiming to try do that but I know that is going to be tricky so my second thought is to use clouds in a creative abstract way.  Either way can’t wait to share it with you and see what you all come up with

Happy shooting!!!


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