Spring has definitely hit Vancouver this Easter long weekend which inspired this weeks theme of ‘Signs of the Season’  For me having moved recently into a new home it was amazing to see the variety of plants, flowers and trees blossom right before my eyes as soon as the sun shined brightly.  I was so inspired that I decided to shoot a series of photos for this weeks theme.

The following 2 photos are of the first bud on our white blossom tree

I have no idea what kind of plant this is but I loved the detail that I was able to capture in the leaves

I loved the contrast of this flower bud against the bark

Found in my soon to be garden and sadly will have to be removed but definitely made for an interesting photo

Our very own White Blossom Tree that loved the sun just as much as I did

Nothing but sunshine on this long weekend in Vancouver

Tips for the week:

For all the above photos I shot in aperture setting.  Any of the photos that were close up were shot at around f 5.8, to get more of the subject such as all the white blossoms on the tree I shot at f8 and for the photo of the sun I shot at f22.

For all those in snowy parts of Canada here is a helpful tip when shooting:  Adjust your exposure compensation button to help mitigate some of the bright white snow. Usually just pushing it up to +1 will do the trick. Although in some situations +2.

Rainy or cloudy:  I actually prefer shooting on cloudy days, try using a f stop around 8.

Most importantly just have fun and Happy Easter




I love your blog and your photos and would love to join your 52 week photo challenge. I am an avid amateur learinng my camera and find your suggestions helpful and inspiring. How do I submit my humble photos?

Thanks Patricia for your lovely comment. So far everyone who has been participating in the challenge has been posting them to my facebook page Look forward to seeing your photos 🙂

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