So it has been awhile since I have been able to post as I was away in the Dominican with my mom and aunt but it is awesome to see everyone continuing with the challenge.  Below are your photos from week 12’s theme the color blue.

This weeks theme was suggested by Luke Di Paola and is ‘Macro’ or ‘Up Close’  Macro photography  is the art of capturing the fine detail of very small subjects that may not be able to be seen by the naked eye. Technically ‘macro photography’ is actually when you produce an image where your subject is captured on your image sensor at life size (or bigger) with a 1:1 ratio.  However, we are using the term quite loosely for this weeks theme to mean near-macro photography or ‘close-up photography, so that all those (including myself) who don’t have a macro lens can participate

Here is the photo I took for this week’s theme

For this photo of a water drop  I shot on shutter priority mode at 1/200 and used the on camera flash as it would have been too dark otherwise.  This was a hard challenge for me and took me alot of shots to get the one that I was after, and I will probably want to try this again as it isn’t exactly what I was hoping for. I also used a tripod and edited in photoshop.

Some tips for this week:

~ use a tripod

~ use aperture mode perhaps start at f11 particularly if you are shooting insects or flowers

~ patience 🙂

~ you might have to take alot of photos to get the one you like

Happy shooting 🙂



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