SUSTENANCE Festival celebrated this year’s Food Innovation in the City theme by organizing the Vancouver’s biggest Street Food Carnival.

Food vendors and food lovers braved the rain this past Sunday to take part in Vancouver’s biggest Street Food Carnival.  The First annual Street Food Carnival  at the Roundhouse Turntable Plaza was the final event of the 11 day Sustenance Festival.

The numerous food carts at the Roundhouse Turntable Plaza for the Street Food Carnival

The  Sustenance Festival theme for this year was: FOOD INNOVATION IN THE CITY — and the food carts are a big part of the innovation as street food is one of the hottest culinary trends in the city.  The event gathered the largest amount of food carts in one place, with more than 20 food vendors taken place in the carnival  offering an amazing variety of street food options to choose from including:  wood fire pizza from Pazza Rella, french inspired fare from Ze Bite,  and Japenease inspired street food from Mogo.

Japanese inspired street food from Mogo

The one food vendor that caught my eye and the one that seemed to be very popular among the foodies was  the Pig on the Street vendor. Pig on the Street includes British sandwiches that have piggie components.


Pig on the Street Vendor flatbreads with bacon components

I decided to try the Pig LT which consisted of double smoked bacon, tomato, avocado, farmhouse cheddar, greens and bacon and maple syrup.  The Pig LT was packed with flavor and very filling.  For anyone who loves bacon I would definitely recommend trying this vendor.

In addition to the numerous food options, participants were able to enjoy buskers and musical entertainment throughout the day.

live musical entertainment from local buskers

The Sustenance Festival now in its fourth year, is an evolving platform for community groups, artists and people interested in learning more about Vancouver’s food landscape.


Some of the displays inside the Street Cart Carnival

SUSTENANCE is a city-wide celebration endeavours to connect the communities of art, culture, and food security. From global to local, from historic to present day, the art and culture of food offer something everyone can feast on!

I highly recommend checking out the street food carnival next year, and look forward to seeing what other events the Sustenance Festival plan.  For further information on the Sustenance Festival please visit their website

For more photos of the event please check out Street Food Carnival 2012

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