From June 5 to June 10 this year, Tourism Queensland and Darren Rowse from will bring ten of what they think are the most intriguing bloggers from around the globe to Queensland to meet Darren Rowse  and experience the Great Barrier Reef as Queensland Blogger Correspondents. I would love to be one of them.

As part of the experience, the blogger correspondent will be required to report about their adventure on their blog and social networks. Plus—as an extra bonus—during the trip Darren Rowse will be running two exclusive training workshops for the ten winning bloggers which will talk about the principles of successful blogging and workshopping how you can improve your blogs. AMAZING!!!!!! I seriously would be a sponge in this experience, soaking in every moment as it really is a chance of a lifetime to learn and grow as a blogger and a photographer.

One of the questions in the application process asked how I would showcase Queensland to the world.  As a Canadian food photoblogger for the Vancouver Observer and an award winning travel photographer currently living in Vancouver, Canada I strive to capture beauty in every moment as well  as tell a story through my images.  I would seriously love to tell Queensland’s story through photos that I could share with the world, so I could allow others to feel as though they are experiencing the journey with me.  This would include stories of adventure, wildlife, culture, people, food and experiences.  I would love to get creative  and think ‘outside the box’ with my stories and make them as interactive as possible  such as a post through a visitor’s eyes – spend time at a local hotel, and visit only places you can reach by foot from there, or an are you gonna EAT that? (unusual or unique or maybe just AMAZING food adventures)  or perhaps a day in the life of ______  or maybe some behind the scenes, hidden gems or off the beaten track kind of angles or maybe a leap list or bucket list of new things to do or try while in Queensland  but mostly I would love to share with the world the beauty that is Queensland and the reason why I fell in love with it.

Queensland particularly the Great Barrier Reef holds a very special place in my heart as it was the place I got engaged 🙂 so I thought I could share my story through images (sorry for the poor quality photos these were pre my professional lens)

Here is my Queensland story:

On my leap list (before I got married) I wanted to go scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef.  So for my 26th birthday my aussie boyfriend checked this off the list when he  took me scuba diving in the morning on our vacation to the Great Barrier Reef.  The dive was a pretty rough one (in fact it almost got canceled due to bad weather) but we managed to get on a boat that was still doing tours.

I had a particularly difficult time scuba diving as I couldn’t quite figure out how to breath properly underwater but I quickly learnt on my scuba diving experience that this sign meant everything was ok under water while the thumbs up sign meant I needed to go up

After a day scuba diving we got all dressed up for my birthday dinner

but before dinner I was taken to a place called Lover’s Cove on DayDream Island.   A private sheltered inlet, hosting a magnificent decking fringed by a white coral beach.

This little piece of paradise  romantically lined with flares and fairy lights in the trees was the place where the boy got down on one knee, with a gold billabong surfer ring (that would later turn my finger green, and to this day  I still carry in my wallet) and asked me to marry him. (he had the engagement ring waiting for me at home)

Needless to say I said yes and was excited to tell my family back in Canada the news

We had such a lovely time when we visited Queensland

We loved meeting the locals

and were in awe of the amazing beauty that we were constantly surrounded by

My time at the Great Barrier Reef was a trip I will never forget but a trip I would love to experience again as it happened a long time ago and was  prior to my current love of photography. Having only visited once for a short period I feel as though it would all be a new adventure and experience that I would love to capture behind the professional lens and share it with the world.  Hopefully I will see you soon Queensland.

For more information on winning the opportunity of 1 of 10 trips to the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland Australia click here

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