'To inspire people to do the things that inspire them so that, together, each of us can change our world for the better.' ~Simon Sinek

Feeling lost, uninspired? - Do you know what lights you up? What your are passionate about? - what drives you? Are you having trouble conveying that message with your brand?

do you know your WHY?

Let me help you....


Power of WHY Photography Branding Sessions


TLMacdonald Photography WHY branding sessions isn't just about photography . There is more than just photos - yes headshots, social media, websites are important but if they aren't conveying your 'why' they will fall short

I want to help find your WHY so that these images will tell your story and others will truly understand what you have to offer - I want you to leave feeling inspired, confident, empowered and fulfilled.


I will work alongside you - helping you reflect and question why you do what you do?

Once your purpose has been clarified and a vision has been created for your brand I will help you get at your 'how' in terms of how you achieve your why as well as your 'what'. I will help to create images and branding that facilitate this to happen


This is not a process that happens overnight and is unlike any other branding session - this is an experience and one that I hope will have lasting impacts.

Together we will develop a plan outlining the 'why's, 'hows' and 'what's' of your business, organization or brand.

We will then review your branding strategy - social media, website etc to ensure it all compliments your 'why'.

Here is what is included:

Power of Why questionnaire

2x 60 minute Power of WHY Brand Planning zoom Sessions. The first session will be primarily focuses on getting you to fully understand your ‘why’.  The second session will focus more on your ‘hows’ and ‘what’s ‘.  More sessions can be added if you feel this would benefit you (for an additional cost).

1 Brand Strategy Brainstorm zoom session.  This is an opportunity to review your current social media outlets, website etc and provide tips and ideas on how to incorporate your vision as well as prepare for our photo session.

1 power of WHY photography branding story photo session of up to 3 hours. This will include a chance to get updated lifestyle headshots, product shots as well as various shots for all your marketing needs.  60 professional quality edited photos will be provided, supporting you to create  2 months of social media content in a single session.


Terri worked with me a holistic, present, and reflective way that was reassuring and left me feeling empowered.

When Terri initially introduced the concepts of Simon Sinek and his Power of Why, I’ll be honest, I struggled to imagine the outcome of questioning the work I do. I struggled to see any other way of doing my work and serving the vulnerable population I support. I was overwhelmed, unmotivated, and underappreciated for the work I did. I also didn’t think there was any other way to feel at work. Ultimately, I had surrendered to the idea that the concept of work in our modern world lacked creativity, inspiration, and passion.

Terri worked with me a holistic, present, and reflective way that was reassuring and left me feeling empowered. This process encouraged me to think in ways that were completely new, which involved moments of feeling ‘stuck’. She created a space where I could explore my practice and tackle these challenging moments, knowing I wasn’t alone. She honored where I was at and pushed me when I needed to be pushed. Terri connected with me in a way that allowed for our process to be intuitive.

Although I worked with Terri on understanding my WHY in a professional capacity targeted around program development, the process and outcome involved far more than just my ‘professional’ self. I can truly say this process integrated all parts of who I am and the outcomes are truly reflective of my core values personally, professionally, and spiritually.

My experience of working with Terri on acknowledging my WHY allowed for a deeply intimate way to honor my innate strengths, skills, and values in doing what I do. I can say now that as a result of honoring my WHY, I know what it feels like to be fulfilled, engaged and innovative in life. This process has given me the gift of not only understanding my WHY but also how to connect with and inspire others to explore their WHY. I’m thrilled that Terri will walk alongside others in a similar capacity and we will grow a community that is collectively grounded in honoring our purpose.


She walks by your side in your beginning steps as a private practitioner, helping you reflect on your hopes and fears, as well as on the way you hope to grow your business.

Creating a website felt like the most daunting part of starting up my own practice, but Terri-Lynne made the experience so straightforward that it turned out the be the easiest part. She takes the time to explore with you what you are hoping that the website communicates, who you are addressing, and where you as a person can be found within the website. She reflects with you on who you are as a person and what motivates you and then supports you in translating that into using particular photos, text, and other relevant content.

Her focus is on the power of why. In answering that question I not only ended up with a website that truly is a reflection of who I am as a practitioner but also with a better understanding of how I want to approach my private practice and my work with clients.

In short, Terri-Lynne offers much more than mere website building. She walks by your side in your beginning steps as a private practitioner, helping you reflect on your hopes and fears, as well as on the way you hope to grow your business.

Photos to tell your story &

a deeper understanding of why you do what you do



Power of WHY Photography Branding Sessions
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