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Beautiful Moments

This year has been non-stop – maternity, families and kids so many beautiful moments, sweet adorable moments that just bring the biggest smile to my face.  Here a few of my favs from this past year. Thanks everyone for letting me capture moments in your life xo


Baby B & mom b&w(matte) (1)

baby emily & mom

PicMonkey Collage2

m & b 3

m & b 4 b&w- matte

PicMonkey Collage3

mom & a

family photo b&w (matte)


kissy face


Baby emily family photo 4



baby spencer & dad





PicMonkey Collage4

baby madi 2 b&w



dad & a 1 b&w

DSC_3274 (1)

baby emily family photo (B&W)


PicMonkey Collage6

PicMonkey Collage7

family photo 2 b&w






London is 2

Oh Lolo, my little monkey, I don’t even know where to begin.  The thought of you turning 2 fills my heart with so many different emotions.  We went through a lot this past year and at times it feel likes a blur and it definitely feels like it went by in a blink of an eye but through it all you and I have continued to become a team.

You are the best snuggler around (I call it the Koala bear embrace) , your smile lights up a room and you are a curious little adventurer whose eyes just become so alert and amazingly bright about a new experience.  You love splashing with your friends, being outdoors and seriously have the best facial expressions around.  You have a  laugh that is so contagious, the most amazing dance moves and are seriously the best coach around (she currently is helping me train for a marathon- seriously this girl won’t let you walk the stroller – she will tell you to run) You are the sweetest and most caring soul- you help your friends down from rocks by lending your hand, make sure to let us know when our plates are empty that we need more food and always make sure that mama has a blanket too when we put you to sleep.

You are wild, free, loving and kind.  I love you so much sweet beautiful girl.  You have taught me so much but most importantly you have taught me to slow down and love moments more.  Lucky for me you provide so many amazing moments and continue to melt and steal my heart over and over

I love you baby girl

Happy birthday xo Mom

PicMonkey Collage






Happy Birthday Baby London


I had a moment the other day, my first moment of realization with you of how fast time flies by.  I looked at you and realized wow you are about to turn 12 months old, when did that happen?  How can I put into words what this year has meant to me, or what it means to be your mom? These past 12 months have seriously been the most amazing, exhausting, rewarding  and challenging times of my life.  I love our moments and experiences.  I love your energy and your cheekiness which just oozes sweetness.  Although I look forward to the time you sleep throughout the night, I know I will miss those nighttime cuddles.  One year with you and I can’t remember a life without you.  You have grown so much, changed so much and changed us so much.  You make our life complete and we are so grateful you chose us as your parents.  Happy first birthday beautiful girl we love you so very much.

PicMonkey Collage bday




Something blue wedding shower

simone college
Something old, something new, something borrowed  and something blue, seriously one of the cutest theme’s I have seen for a bridal shower.  Every detail was thought of for this stunning bride as she was showered with love by her closest family and friends. There was something blue everywhere, from the flowers that surrounded the room, to the hanging lavender, cupcakes, entrance signs, blue lemonade with glasses of blueberries and even the brides shoes:) I felt very honoured to have had the opportunity to document the memories of this special occasion and I wish both Nick and Simone the very best on their big day. xo


simone college2

simone college 4


simone collge final