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Bob Blumer

Tourism Richmond have come out with this brilliant marketing campaign and for food and travel bloggers as well as photographers like myself this opportunity is too good to pass up.

Tonight I officially applied for this once in a lifetime opportunity.  It is my dream job, a chance to combine my love of photography with my passion of food. The opportunity to tell more stories of unique areas in BC such as Richmond through images excites me.  I would love to be the one person, to explore one restaurant each day in Richmond for 365 days and share my culinary journey and culture adventure with the world. Pick me, pick me 🙂

But why should I get the gig out of the thousands of other fellow bloggers who have applied:

1.   I actually think the position should be filled by someone who doesn’t necessary live in or is from Richmond to allow Richmond to be explored by eyes that haven’t seen what it can offer.  I am your person Tourism Richmond.  I moved to Vancouver just over a year and half ago from Australia  so I consider myself still very new to the area.  Shortly after I arrived I had the opportunity to become a food photoblogger for the Vancouver Observer.  As a food photoblogger I have been able to find the hidden gastronomic gems of Vancouver.  I have attended various food events, wrote reviews for restaurants and interviewed celebrity chiefs.  I have absolutely loved this culinary experience because every place I visited was new to me, I went in with hunger in my eyes (and my tummy), not only for the food but for the environment the food was surrounded by.  I have yet to have the opportunity to check out Richmond and that’s why I feel I would be perfect for this job.  I would be seeing each restaurant for the first time, with no expectations, no previous judgement,  I could give a fresh, unique  perspective which I feel others in the world will be able to relate to.

2.  I LOVE food – seriously ask anyone who knows me, my hobby is eating, basically if I am not taking photo’s of food, I am eating 🙂 I will try anything, I even have tried kangaroo, yep I ate Skippy.

3.  I have a unique following as I have lived in various parts of the world I am already connected to people outside of Canada and I am a social media freak.  Facebook, pinterest, flickr, twitter, blog, instagram you name it I am on it and actively using it.  I love the power of social media and feel this campaign is brillant.  Not only that, I can also reach alot more people through my connection with the Vancouver Observer.

4. Eating food probably doesn’t make me that unique but I think my ability to capture moments with photos can really help showcase the various food and culture adventures  that Richmond can offer.  Photography has a way to tell a story and Richmond has many stories to be told and I want to tell them not only through words but through images.    I feel  photos can help people whereever they are in the world to feel like they are right there going through the journey and this should be a goal for Tourism Richmond.   I hope my photos can help stimulate the senses.

If you would like to support me you can start by ‘liking’ this post on or leaving a comment on Facebook wall as to why you think TLMacdonald Photography would be the best candidate.  feel free to add in my facebook name ‘TLMacdonald Photography’ and blog website

If you have twitter, you can tweet out the following thing

Hey @TourismRichmond, give @tlmacdonald the #Richmond365 job!

Thanks for all your support everyone 🙂



Wow what an amazing initiative, I think that TL would be a very good applicant for this as she has an amazing ability to portray the “artistic talent” of chefs and cooks around Richmond. Sometimes we forget that Chefs are “artists” They are plating amazing meals that we love to eat, but do we really stop and appreciate the effort and “artistic talent” these people provide each and every time!!

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